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Clients Say the Nicest Things

“Deborah Fingerlow has been so important in the setup of our new event venue!  Her assistance with wordsmithing for our brochures and website provided professional products not usually found in beginning companies.  Her advice has been spot-on every time.  You would do well to seek her assistance!”

Anna Ottinger The Wedding Barn at L'Horne/

“Deborah Fingerlow gets the words right and easily conveys the feeling I want to share with my clients.  It’s completely natural, never contrived, and it’s something I value.”

Davin Measic, Apex York Landscaping

“You know the phrase, ‘if you want something done properly, then do it yourself’?  As a serial entrepreneur I struggle with this.  I want each project to be perfect, and end up doing everything myself, risking burnout.  I pride myself on my writing ability, my skills in painting a picture & stimulating emotion in my reader.  Deborah also has this skill set… Her writing is as if I’d done it myself.”

Jason Lavis, Out of the Box Innovations, Ltd.

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