How do you choose the best person to help guide you where you want to go?  First, realize there isn’t any one size fits all.  What works for someone else may not be the best fit for you.  And that’s okay. Do your research. Talk with folks that appeal to you, based on their style, their experience and your gut feeling.  It’s all about what works best for you.

Since you’re here, I’ll tell you a little about me, and we can go from there.

Experience Counts.

Writer. Parent. Communicator. Therapy Dog Trainer-Handler.  Artist. All different, and all very much the same. All hard-won over years spent working one-on-one in the field, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  The chance to create connections with new folks is a privilege and a true joy. I love what I do, and it shows.

Welcome Introverts

Although I’m known now for an easy ability to strike up conversations and get to work, it wasn’t always that way.  Labeled shy and quiet in my youth, a stint in a Detroit-based public relations agency followed by the birth of a child with life-threatening allergies, forced me down a different path.  And life took some surprising twists. In the end, I was better equipped to help others struggling to find their voices.


No labels, please.  True success comes from celebrating our similarities and our differences.  We are truly stronger together and that’s because we aren’t all the same. Each person has their own perspective, their own voice, and their own story.  Let me help you share yours.