Every person and every business has a story. The key to success is sharing a story that engages, that creates empathy. With an eye toward SEO, I write content that draws you in and makes a connection.

People want value and real help, not white noise.

Content is not fill-in-the-blank; it’s written for you specifically to share your unique message and provide an outlet for your voice. Just about anyone can provide who, what, where, when, why and how. It’s a completely different story to build a bridge, to issue a call for action and to have real people respond.

Authentic writing increases credibility. It has impact.

Let’s get together and find out the best way to share your story.  Your company isn’t a one-size-fits-all.  Shouldn’t your writer be someone that fits, and understands you?

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Think you might have a book inside you, but always wondered how to go from the initial idea to a book, worthy of publication? Ghostwriters take your thoughts and ideas and follow a customized approach to create the book you, the author, envisioned.

How does it work?

First, you gather your thoughts and any information you’ve put together and we meet. The process begins with a series of interviews; my ghostwriting begins when you tell me your story.

I listen to the way you speak, noticing your tone and word choices; I take note of the phrases you use and how you craft our discussions.

Afterward, I will develop an outline that we will use throughout the creation of the book. The story itself will be written chapter by chapter, with input from you every step of the way.  We build a story where every piece is an integral part.

We will work together closely over the course of several months as I write and fine tune your vision. As a ghostwriter, you are relying on my expertise to connect, to hear your voice and transfer your story into a cohesive work, ready for the publisher. During that time, I will assess proper placement and focus to connect you with your desired audience.

My job is to bring your vision forward, because as every good ghostwriter knows, this is your book.

My name will not appear on the cover, nor should it. The goal is to be completely transparent, or invisible, allowing your story, and you as its author, to take the spotlight.  It’s your book.

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What if you need something a little different, something that doesn’t fit into a category? Something like the proverbial unicorn?  No problem.  Ask me. In addition to long-form articles, books and blog posts, I can help out with press releases, speech writing and brochure copy to name just a few.

Ideally, I develop relationships with my clients and my knowledge base over time allows me to be the go-to person for written projects.

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It’s easier not to reinvent the wheel each time; a simple phone call or email gets the project moving forward so you can take care of business. Effective leaders surround themselves with the best match for the job at hand.

Having a professional writer on your team means you never miss an opportunity (or a unicorn).

It’s a win-win, and who doesn’t like that?

Take a look at my online portfolio.

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